Crazy Horse 3

Crazy Horse 3 venue
  • Location: 3025 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 24/7
  • Free Guest List: Yes (check under table options)
  • Free Limo Transportation: Yes
  • Full Nude or Topless: Just Topless

Crazy Horse III FAQ

HOW to get into the Crazy Horse 3 Strip Club?

Crazy Horse 3 Strip Club offers many different guest list packages for you to choose from that all include a free limousine ride to the club, free entry and credit to purchase bottles and drinks. You can choose from the Crazy Horse 3 packages here.

What is the Crazy Horse 3 dress code?

The dress code at Crazy Horse 3 is business casual. Please avoid wearing any items such as athletic gear, sweatpants, hats, open-toe shoes, and other similar items.

How can I sign up for Crazy Horse 3?

Crazy Horse 3 offers a free guest list as well as numerous bottle packages for you to choose from which all include a free limousine ride to to strip club as well as complimentary entry. You can join the Crazy Horse 3 guest list here, or you can find a list of bottle packages here.

When are guest lists available at Crazy Horse 3

The Las vegas guest list for Crazy Horse 3 is open every day of the week, so you can join no matter what day you would like to go. Joining the guest list will allow you to get a complimentary limo ride to the venue as well as free entry. 

What time should I arrive at the venue?

Crazy Horse III strip club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so feel free to arrive whenever you feel like it. If you choose a bottle package or join the strip club guest list, make sure to check that the time you choose works well for you.

Where is the guest list at Crazy Horse 3?

You can sign up for the Crazy Horse 3 guestlist on the Crazy Horse 3 event calendar under the table options.

What are the best nights to go to Crazy Horse 3?

Crazy horse is open every day of the week, but Friday and Saturday nights are typically the best time to go to any Las Vegas strip club.

What type of girls can I expect at Crazy Horse 3?

There are a wide variety of girls at Crazy Horse 3, so you can rest easy knowing you’re sure to find the lady of your dreams.

What is the best VIP table location in Crazy Horse 3?

You can choose between the Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Titanium table package which range in price from $380 and $1,900. All the tables come with great locations in the venue, so you’ll need to choose a table based on how many people are in your party.

How much are lap dances at Crazy Horse III?

Lap dances at Crazy Horse 3, as well as most other strip clubs in Vegas, are going to cost between $20 and $30 per song. That being said, you should still come to an agreement with the stripper before starting to dance to make sure that you are on the same page.

Crazy Horse III Photos

palomino club girls
larry flynts club strippers
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Join the Crazy Horse 3 guest list today to get free entry as well as a complimentary limo ride to the gentlemen’s club!

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