• Location: Fontainebleau Hotel at 2777 S Las Vegas Blvd
  • Open: Thursday – Sunday
  • Club Hours: 10:30 PM – 4:00 AM
  • Music Type: Electronic/Rap

LIV LAS VEGAS Bottle Service FAQ

How does bottle service at LIV work?

Reserving a VIP table (aka bottle service) at LIV Nightclub involves committing to a minimum spend, also known as a “min”.  Customers must hit this minimum spend amount before the end of the night by purchasing bottles of liquor or champagne, other alcoholic drinks, or food from the menu.  Even if you do not end up purchasing enough to hit your minimum spend, you will be charged for your minimum spend at the end of the night.  Think of it as the lower limit to what you will be spending, you can certainly spend more than the min, but you won’t be able to spend less than it.  Please keep in mind that the minimum spend does not include tax and tip, which is calculated on top at the end of the event.  The minimum spend values will fluctuate depending on how premium the table real estate you are reserving is, as well as how busy the night will be. Holiday weekends and bigger name DJs will usually require higher minimum spends. Summer is typically the most expensive season, and Winter is typically the least expensive one.


What’s included with my LIV bottle service reservation?

By agreeing to your minimum spend, you receive:

  • VIP entry for your party – shorter wait time compared to general admission or guest list. 
  • Admission – Your table reservation includes a certain number of VIP admissions, so your guests do not need to purchase tickets or pay cover to get into the club. 
  • Table real estate – You will have a dedicated table and seats at the club for the entire duration of the event. You will also have a dedicated server who will take your orders and help you make mixed drinks at your table. 
  • Drink mixers – Soda, juices, or seltzer water. Some mixers such as red bull and bottled water are not complementary.
  • Alcohol – The minimum spend will be applied towards the purchase of bottles of alcohol (liquor or champagne) which you will order with your server when you are at the table.

When should I get bottle service at LIV?

If your group’s budget is enough to cover the cost, we generally recommend getting bottle service over doing general admission or guest list at LIV. Getting bottle service is a premium experience compared to entering via general admission or guest list. It is also very comfortable to have your own dedicated area at the club to sit in and call your own. Ladies wearing high heels will definitely appreciate this fact.  

We strongly recommend groups of all men (or nearly all men) to consider purchasing bottle service. It will be impossible to get in on the guest list, and the only other alternative is for everyone to buy tickets. The cost of buying tickets for every guy and then purchasing individual drinks at the bar will usually end up being comparable to the cost of buying bottle service. If the boys are looking to talk to girls at LIV, having a table will simplify that process and improve your conversion rate.  Bachelor parties, Dadchelor parties (like a bachelor party, but before the groom has a newborn child), and divorce parties are all prime occasions for reserving VIP bottle service.  

How big are the bottles of liquor at LIV?

Most bottles of vodka, such as Grey Goose, Belvedere, Absolut etc., are 1 Liter in size. If you are wondering, that is about 22.5 full shots of alcohol.  Magnum bottles are 1.75 liters in size.


LIV Nightclub Las Vegas is set to be the hottest club of 2024. Be sure to read this guide and check it out! 

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